Press Release - August 2012 Statistics


The Office of Information Technology, Data Processing and Statistics announced the monthly summary of the main updates of the statistics relating to :
Employment / Unemployment
At August 31 2012, the resident population was 32,418 units, 14 more than in July 2012 and 325 more than in August 2011. The present population, which in the resident population also includes people with a residence permit, amounted to 33,502 units, 4 less than the previous month and 97 more than in August 2011.
In August 2012 there was a slight increase in business compared to July (+35 units); the mild growth that exists is probably due to the reactivation of some of the many licenses that were suspended in July for the non-payment of license fee pursuant to art. 76 Law 130/2010 as amended by art. 16 of Law no. 179 of 05.09.2010 and pursuant to art. 26 paragraph 1 point and Law. 129 of 07.23.2011. The actual size of the performance of the number of companies you can only have with the processing of the next month, though, last year in the same situation, only a fraction has also regularized the license fee and over the business. The total number of companies operating in the Republic on 31 August 2012 is 5,286, compared to August 2011 there was a decrease of 233 units. The highest decrease is recorded in the fields:
·         “Real estate activities,Information technology,Servicies to enterprise” (-130 in the last year)
·         “Manifacturing” (-44 in the last year)
·         “Trade” (-42 in the last year)
The employees to August 31 2012 were 19,111, a decrease of 483 workers compared to August 2011. Last year the private sector and the public sector recorded a decrease, respectively of 423 and 60 employees. The self-employed decreased by two units last year.
The total employment rate in the last year has lost 2.19 points, while the rate of domestic employment decreased 0.69 points.
The total unemployed and the real unemployed are being increased by 269 and 256 from August 2011 to August 2012. In the 934 real unemployed at August 31, 2012, 290 were aged between 20 and 29 years, while, as the title of the study, 337 have a high school diploma and 143 have graduated.
The total unemployment rate in the last year increased 1.58 points, while the rate of real unemployment increased 1.51 points.
As to data on employment and unemployment, a correct comparison is possible only by reference to the same month of different years, as these data are affected by seasonality.
In August 2012 the tourist flow was equal to 352,635 visitors, a decrease of 15.69% over the same month in 2011. Comparing instead the period from January to August in 2012 the number of tourists has declined by 7.88%, while in only three summer months (June, July and August), the decrease was 12.56%.
The month of August 2012 has recorded the lowest number of registration of motor vehicles (new and used) in recent years. In the period January-August, registrations of motor vehicles (new and used) increased from 2,038 in 2011 to 1,824 in 2012, with an overall decrease of 10.5%, while the number of registrations of instruments of labor remained virtually unchanged, 205 in 2011 and 202 in 2012.



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