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Brief history .

The Statistics Office was established in 1969 by order of "Congresso di Stato" (government) ; its official recognition is enshrined in the 1972 Organic Law for State employees (L.22/12/1972n.41).

The Planning Office was established in the mid- seventies with the main purpose of following the design of the development plan of the territory . In the eighties, the commitment of the Office focuses more analysis and study of the economic situation and the development of numerous bills to support the economy .

In the late eighties the Statistics Office was merged with the Office of Economic Planning and also t he new IT sector is united and became a branch of the new office, called the Office of Economic Planning, Data Processing and Statistics .

Legal basis.

  • Law 23th may 1995 n.70 “ Reform of the Law 1st March 1983 n.27 which regulates the collection of Personal Data" .
  • Law 23th may 1995 n.71,” Rules governing the collection of statistical data and expertise in the field of public IT ”.
  • Law 17th September 1993 n.106 " Organic allocation of departments , autonomous bodies and autonomous branches of the State" .