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In the month of December 2019:

  • the male more common name among residents is ANDREA with 552 people, before MARCO (499)
  • the female more common name among residents is MARIA with 332 people followed by SARA (261) and ELISA (252)
  • the more common surname among residents is GASPERONI with 542 people followed by GUIDI (445) and CASADEI (399)
  • The binomial name surname "Marco Gasperoni" is the most common with 12 cases among residents.
  • individuals centenarians are 12 and are all females.
  • The female longest 104 years, male 99 years.

In the year 2019, the months in which there were more births was september (27 children each month), while the days when there were more births (4 children) were April 30 and October 7.

Among those born in 2019, the most common name in absolute was Riccardo (7 cases), followed by Leonardo (4 cases).

In 2019 there were 251 deaths.