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Our tasks


Coordinate , manage, plan and innovate all the IT sector of Public Administration , in line with international standards .
Carry out the activities of collection , processing and analysis of data for statistical purposes . Analyzing economic data and process benchmarking. Providing timely and relevant statistical data of high quality to the Government , national and international institutes , the private sector and the public in general .


1. Carry out instructions given by the Technical Committee for Information Technology also provides technical support on the characteristics of hardware and software .

2. Carrying out planning and design of Information and Communication Technology sector .

3. Manage and plan the active equipment and network services of the Government, providing support and assistance about it , in order to ensure the smooth and continuous functioning of the IT architecture of the State . Make the design, support, maintenance and control of data transmission networks for public administration.

4. Caring for the setting , monitoring and verification of contracts to supply hardware , software and other services related to data processing and management of Public Administration.

5. Analyze all aspects about computer security , define security policies , program and verify the safety devices . Submit innovation in information security . Manage secure remote access to the activation of interactive services with citizens and business.

6. Coordinate and activate the plan for the digitization of Public Administration, with the introduction of new services of digital document management and electronic signature. Support and monitor the computerization of administrative processes , with particular reference to the new digital processes .

7. Update the hardware equipment and software necessary to manage the web service in public administration, coordinating and managing all activities related to the Content Management System and the technical issues and training related . Unify and manage all the Web sites of Public Administration. providing a single portal of entry for the state.

8. Carry out regulatory and control functions: access to the Internet and the state Intranet, use of e-mail and electronic signature, providing the necessary technical assistance to the offices of the Public Administration.

9. Ensure completion of software for the public administration offices and coordinate training on the use of these , directly or through the use of outside suppliers.

10. Coordinate all matter relating to the Public Information Technology Plan .

11. Provide technical support to adapt to European and international processes and protocols for standardization of data communication.

12. Carrying out a systematic study and analysis in the economic field , with particular reference to national accounts, through the development of statistical estimates , with particular reference to the Gross Domestic Product and Industrial Production , updating the data and ensuring their international comparison .

13. Perform a monthly statement and compilation of consumer price .

14. Develop and provide economic and statistical data to international organizations to which San Marino joined in accordance with standards and methodologies required , through targeted training of internal staff , using the frequent missions such as time to update and comparison.

15. Promote and implement the development and dissemination of statistical data to support to the government and the community , using public records and the preparation of sample surveys on population and businesses .

16. Implement , coordinate and process the Census of the Republic of San Marino .

17. Streamline the transfer of data within the Administration , by carrying out activities to support the creation of databases and subsequent data analysis .

18. Prepare the economic program and the Economic Report to the multi-annual budget of the state, according to official regulations.

19. Maintaining the performance of any other activity or assignment related to prior or existing under the laws.